Our shop is located in the south of France. We are two tattoo artists; Kalawa, and Louve her apprentice. Our living room has a large window, but we operate more like a private tattoo shop. We have a large workspace designed to accommodate up to 4 tattoo artists. This space has all the necessary comfort for the tattoo artist and his client.

The living room is located in Eguilles (13). We are 5 minutes from Aix en Provence, and 30 minutes from Marseille. Public transport (TGV / PLANE / BUS / TAXI / UBER) easily serve to our lounge.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, from 10 am to 6 pm
Address: Karbone – Grand Place – Bat 2 – 13510 EGUILLES
Phone: 09 52 29 39 51


Here is the list of material provided during your visit:

Work bench / stool / serving / lamp / examination sheet / cellophane / disinfectant / green soap / sterile compresses / examination gloves / hydroalcoholic solution / dermanios scrub / chlorhexidine / tongue depressor / disposable razor / mask / saline / felts / stencil product / disposable field / dermalize / petrolatum / butterluxe cream care / caps / cable protector / machine guard / etc

We sell creams from the Butterluxe range for customers.
Animal welfare being important to us, 90% of the products we use are Vegan.
Many of our customers are sensitive to this cause, if you use a Vegan ink this is a little extra for you;)


We let you do your planning as you wish! We can worry about closing later than 18h if needed.
ACCOMPANYING: A small important information, we accept only 1 accompanying person per person when we receive guests, knowing that it will not be possible to come in the boxs. All this only for a concern of place and comfort for all the world. Please notify your customers upstream. 🙂


We have large offices, where we can also work at 4 at the same time, and also a reception area with sofa and armchairs. Lunch: The living room has microwave, and small fridge. We have close to a snack bar, a bakery, and a super which is a 2 min walk.


Without a driving license, we advise you to find a rental with Airbnb in the center of Eguilles. For transported people, we can rent one of our cars via the Drivy website for 15 € / days if needed.