Who are we ?

Located in Eguilles, Karbone Studio is a vegan tattoo parlor consisting of 2 tattoo artists.

Kalawa has been a graphic designer for 10 years in various communication agencies and after a lot of thinking, he decided to experiment as a tattoo artist since 2016.

Louve former graphic designer also, launched into the tattoo in 2017 after having had for more than 7 years his own brand of women’s ready to wear.

Vegan Tattoo Studio

Since animal welfare is important to us, 95% of our products comply with our ethics, that is, they are not tested on animals, and contain no animal matter. We are actively working to replace 5 % remaining, and we hope this year to move to 100% of our vegan products!
It’s not just about paying attention to the ink, but also to the entire living room. All products used before / during / after the session have been carefully selected, which includes skin cleansers, stencils, creams, inks etc.
But we also decided to adopt a cleaning system of our boxes and the living room totally ecological and vegan.


Karbone Tattoo Studio is a show where human relations are very important. We take time with each person so that the experience is enjoyable and rewarding for everyone. The goal is to build together a unique project that resembles you and with which you feel in perfect adequacy.

At your appointment, you will be greeted with a small coffee, tea, sweets, as well as a comfortable space to relax before and after your session.

Kalawa works mainly black and gray and expresses through figurative, graphic and / or surreal illustrations in “Dotwork” on small or large pieces. He appreciates the work of detail, light and lightness of compositions.

Louve essentially works with a sleek blackwork, a fine line of work and thick black solid. It also incorporates a little color according to its parts.


Tattoo artist


Tattoo apprentice